17 Tourist Destinations in Makassar Sulawesi Part 2

While visiting Makassar, you should know about the tourist destinations that you can visit in this Makassar, Sulawesi. You should know about the tourist destinations part 2 that you will make you can decide what kind of tourist destination that you can choose.

There are 9 of 17 tourist destination in Makassar, Sulawesi Island part 2 that you can choose as your holiday destination. Check this out!

  1. Malino Highland. If you want to see the panorama of mountains with beautiful limestone and green pine trees, this place will be your best choices. Beside it, you also can get into the ancient bunker, tea plantation, and also waterfalls.
  2. Apparalang Cliff. If you want to see an exotic seaside, you can try to climb this cliff which can provide you perfect seaside from above. This place also becomes hidden paradise because only some of visitors visit Bulukumba, so you can get more natural beaches.
  3. Celebes Canyon. This canyon will be your best options if you want to see the beautiful rocky scenery for a natural soak with unpolluted, cool water, and crystal clear. It is a heaven for you.
  4. Lengang and Batulappa Barru Waterfalls. If you want to see the most beautiful waterfall in Makassar, you can consider to choose those waterfalls:
  • Lengang Waterfalls. It is located in Laiya Village Molino. It has waterfall pool and it has 2 tier natural pools too. You can see the rocks at the bottom because this water is very clear and you can get the fresh water flowing.
  • Batulappa Barru Waterfall. It is located in Tompo Village. It has perfect layered waterfalls which has become its uniqueness of it.
  1. Kampili Dam. It is located in Kampili Village of Gowa Regency. It will be your perfect options if you want to have perfect photos in your holiday. Many couples use this place as their pre-wedding photo shoots. It offers you natural rock formations with the water around it which can create unique scenery.
  2. Lake Tanralili. It is located in Lenkese Village which offers you a beautiful lake with the mountain around it. If you want to get tedious journey to see the unconquerable beauty scenery, this lake will be your best option.
  3. Bawakaraeng Mount. If you like to climb the mount, this mount will be your perfect option in Makassar to see the excellent panoramic from the top of it. It will be worth for you to get the best panoramic on the top of it.
  4. Museum Balla Lompoa. In this museum, you will see the history of monarchies in South Sulawesi which is a former royal palace of King of Gowa. You can see the Buginese style as its architecture, you also can learn more about Gowa kingdom and you can dress up Gowanese custome for fun photos.
  5. Akkarena Beach. If you want to see how beautiful black of sand beach sunset, this beach is the perfect options for you.

Those are 9 of 17 tourist destinations in Makassar, Sulawesi Island part 2 that you can choose based on what kind of destinations that you like.

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